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Conditions of service/Stipend, Workload, Credit:
Internships are generally for a minimum period of 3 months. Interns are expected to work 15 hours/week and to carry out the duties assigned to them.

Internships are not typically remunerated and interns are not considered officials or staff members of the UNESCO Chair Office. However they are bound by the same duties and obligations as regular staff members; in particular, interns without the written authorization of the UNESCO Chair may not use confidential and unpublished information obtained during the internship. 

Travel arrangements, costs and living expenses must be borne by the interns themselves. Although internships are unpaid, individuals can receive three to six course credits. However course credit must be discussed with and agreed upon with the UNESCO Chair prior to the beginning of internship.

Internships are demanding. Students will be required to submit weekly reports, with documentation of current projects. Several meetings will be held throughout the duration of the internship to discuss progress and strategies for moving forward.

Experiences Offered:
Research (may include but not limited to legal, policy, economic), writing, fund raising, media relations, community organizing, conference planning etc. Internships will be arranged to fit the interest of the individual as much as reasonably possible, while remaining within the UNESCO Chair mandate and program goals.

A supervisor will provide the intern with a description of duties and a work plan. Upon completion of the internship, both the supervisor and the intern are required to complete a final report describing what was achieved during the internship. In addition, every intern is requested to complete an evaluation questionnaire on his/her assignment and to submit it to the UNESCO Chair & Institute of Comparative Human Rights Office.

Qualifications/Majors Desired:
The participants in the internship program are selected from undergraduate and graduate students and holders of graduate level degrees in, or students planning to focus on disciplines related to human rights work, e.g. International Law, Political Science, History, Social Sciences (Economics, Journalism, Public Policy, International Studies, International Development, Non-Profit Management, Human Rights, Psychology, Anthropology, International Business, Law, Education, etc.).

Internship Dates:
Semesters available: Fall, Spring, Summer
Deadline: Open
Prerequisite: History 226 (International Human Rights)/
Consent of UNESCO Chair

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